Temple Gym Special
Blood And Guts, The Sequel…
Dorian And Ron Smash Up Legs!!!

Photos and text by Giles Thomas

Err, no, this isn’t a comeback showdown between two of the greatest Mr Olympia’s of all time, readers. This, however, is a UK Vs. USA clash of sorts, with top muscle journo Ron Harris (not Coleman!) from America and the King of HIT himself, Dorian Yates. Shot in the only place you can really do these photographs justice competitive bodybuilder Ron Harris finally made it over to the UK to not only see the NEC’s Bodypower Expo, but to realise a dream of his – to visit Temple Gym, which says along with MetroFlex and Gold’s Gym in Venice, “Comprises the Holy Trinity of hardcore gyms”. Ron was also keen to train with the still hellishly hardcore Mr Yates, who has six Sandows on his mantelpiece as a testament to the brutal effectiveness of his extreme training methods.

Long way to come for legs isn’t it Ron?
Travelling in on the 7.10pm from Newark the night before, the only flight all day before the session, Ron landed at Birmingham International airport at roughly 7.00am the next morning where he awaited Dorian’s arrival for a foot tapping five hours. I reminded Ron of Chris Cormier’s recent Temple leg session, as seen on YouTube, where Chris is shown rolling around in agony in the alleyway outside and throwing up while Dorian comments, “Get up Chris, you’re making the place look untidy, mate”, delivered in his usual perfectly-timed deadpan style. And I asked Ron why he didn’t feel the need to ‘blow chunks’, to which he replied, “Well I hadn’t had any lunch. I had a couple of protein bars on the plane ride over plus their tiny version of  ‘dinner’, then I grabbed a sandwich and fruit cup at the airport before I headed off to Temple. By the time the workout began, I hadn’t eaten in about four hours, so nothing was left to puke up.” Fair enough I thought to myself, and Ron added, “Maybe Cormier had a belly full of fast food or something, who knows?”

Ron on Doz?
When asked about his feelings on Dorian’s style of training Ron replied, “I always admired Dorian for his respect for strict form and getting a full ROM (range of motion) and a good contraction. I know guys like Ronnie and Branch got enormous slinging weights around, but for the average bodybuilder that would get them little muscle growth and plenty of injuries.” 

To HIT or not to HIT?
When I suggested to Ron that Dorian’s training has been at times accused in the bodybuilding media of not exactly being textbook HIT (High Intensity Training), Ron commented, “It is not HIT by strict definition, I agree. But I disagree that it’s anything like high-volume. The warm-up sets are not very taxing at all so you really couldn’t possibly consider them work sets. I didn’t.”

Daz Ball does Y3T at Temple Gym!
Neil ‘The Punisher’ Hill shows him how it’s done…

Photos and text by Giles Thomas

In this off-season photo-shoot special, we see first hand and exclusively for BodyFitness one of the World’s top trainers and pre-contest prep guru’s Neil Hill putting 2007 UKBFF British Heavyweight Champion Darren Ball through a torturous shoulder workout with his fiercely effective and now globally popular Y3T training system.

Temple style
Also joining in the training session and photo shoot was Temple Gym manager and top ranking British light-heavyweight Simon Fan (who also recently featured in BodyFitness, incidentally). The pace right from the off was fast and intense, with sometimes two of the guys training side-by-side and hammering out the reps. No talking, no standing around, just action, action, action, coupled with the kind of fierce intensity you seldom see...

Daz’s day in the Dungeon!
This was to be the fourth week since Daz had become a studious follower of the now infamous Y3T training system developed in deepest Wales by the master himself, Neil Hill, who for the past three years on the trot has helped get our overall UKBFF British champions and IFBB professionals doing battle in the pro ranks. In 2007 it was Flex Lewis, in 2008 James Llewellin, and in 2009 the biggest of them all, Zack ‘King’ Khan, who achieved lifetime best condition to finally snatch the pro card that he had come so, so close to winning every year for the past nine years. Now, in 2010, could it be Daz Ball’s turn?
“I can’t believe how much my body has changed even just in the last four weeks Giles, and you know what? I’m actually really starting to enjoy training more than ever again, mate. Plus I feel fitter, and because Y3T is about cycling your poundages and rep ranges, my joints don’t ache like they used to at times from all the constant heavy, heavy lifting”, commented Daz.
When I asked if he would recommend Hill’s innovative new style of training to all weight trainers Daz replied simply, “Absolutely!”

294lbs – BOOOMMMM!
When I asked Daz his current bodyweight he stated, “21 stone, mate”.
It wasn’t long after the delt sesh from hell ended that Daz gave us all a glimpse of how he was looking in the off-season. It became quite clear indeed that the mutant that is Daz Ball does not seem to follow the standard protocol that most bodybuilders do by gaining body fat in the off-season. Rather, Daz looked as if he could step on stage with but a week’s notice! He was super-lean, as you can see from the photos, and Neil commented instantly that he felt he could bring Daz in at a ripped and ready 20 stone on stage. That’s 280 pounds people! Holy moley! 

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